Adhoc Mandate

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Adhoc Mandate

The ad-hoc mandate is a confidential procedure initiated by the Debtor in which an ad-hoc attorney negotiates with the creditors in order to reach an agreement with one or more of them, which will resolve the Debtor's financial difficulties.

Under strict confidentiality, we can act as an ad-hoc attorney appointed by the court, upon the request of the Debtor. Our aim is to reach an agreement between the Debtor and one or more of its creditors within 90 days after our appointment.

The negotiations cover the partial or total release of debt, debt rescheduling, personnel dismissals, termination of certain agreements or other such measures.

The Debtor will continue to operate as usual and its directors will maintain the right to manage the Debtor's activity.

Our mandate is terminated once an agreement is reached with the creditors.