Interim Management

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Interim Management

We can introduce new management to provide leadership to the business during the turnaround or restructuring phase. Acknowledging that existing management teams may lack experience in turning around a business, we introduce experienced turnaround professionals who can step into executive not only advisory roles in the business, such as chairpersons, CEOs, CFOs, and chief restructuring officers; operations, marketing, and non-executive directors.

 The business environment is facing a period of significant change and not all organisations will thrive without help. In many cases they do not know what needs to be done. An Abraxas interim manager can provide exactly the necessary expertise and drive.

The external perspective is often what is required, and it brings the total focus of a business turnaround practitioner, for as long as it is necessary to bring about change.

Our interim managers are highly skilled, and brought into organisations to strengthen capabilities. They lead transformation and change; getting projects in place – quickly and effectively. Their purpose is to effect change, and roll out processes which they can then leave in their wake.

We have immediate access to candidates from our own network of independent professionals, all used to operating at the board level in businesses in crisis or formerly working with top management consulting firms.

Their role is to speak openly and highlight what a company should do to achieve its goals. In addition, they are far more cost-effective than traditional management consultants, and they deliver results, not just analyse.

It is essential for organisations to have access to this talent, as and when they need to tap into it – particularly as work towards economic growth and recovery.

Here are some of the advantages in bringing an interim manager into a organisation or a business where the stakeholders have interests in:

Immediate and lasting results

Unlike a permanent employee who is typically given a grace period to settle in, the interim manager will start delivering results within five days, identifying quick wins and rapidly building relationships.

Due to our quality assurance system and the continuous knowledge transfer, the company gets  solutions that will push your company forward and that will endure long after the assignment is over.


Interim managers offer instant experience and a capability which is almost always one rank higher than the job requires.

Focus, Speed and Responsiveness

Our interim managers adapt to the business, establish their credibility and become part of the team rapidly. They usually report directly to the Senior Management team, but build strong internal relationships across the company. They are result-driven, working against a set of clear deliverables and a set timeframe.

Together with the team, they deliver the agreed objectives and ensure that the key performance indicators are met.

They develop the existing staff to take over the turnaround management tasks once the project comes to an end. At the end of the project they ensure processes and systems are in place to continue the turnaround and manage a smooth handover of all relevant information.

Objectivity and Integrity

Interim managers are objective and do not like being side-tracked into office politics. They do not expect to have a long career with a business and so they tell the business or the stakeholders what they need to hear – not what they want to hear.