Out of court or Judicial Corporate Turnaround

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Corporate Turnarround

We help the stakeholders of businesses which are underperforming, in distress, or experiencing a cash crisis to resolve strategic, operational, and financial issues.

Timely and expert advice is critical to stop and reverse a downward spiral. Early detection, assessment, planning, communication, and decisive action are the keys to restoring performance and rebuilding value and success.

 Our turnaround and restructuring practice provides advisory and administration services to lenders, creditors and companies who are facing a wide range of difficulties, from weakening performance and reduced operating profit, to crisis marked by severe cash flow problems and the imminent threat of insolvency.

Our Corporate Turnaround practice works with companies in difficulty or in crisis and their stakeholders helping stabilize their businesses, rebuild the trust of their stakeholders and restore value. Faced with the insolvency risk the companies may envisage the formal restructuring procedures. Our turnaround team has extensive experience in matching the optimal solution with the legal framework as to reach the desired result. We act quickly to help the companies and their stakeholders regain control over their business while designing and implementing a robust recovery strategy tailored to the business needs.

1. Stabilisation

After identifying the immediate problems, we can help stabilise the businesses by implementing tailored and effective working capital, crisis or turnaround management. A key part of stabilizing a business is to manage the working capital in the most effective way. We implement techniques to reduce to working capital quickly without damaging the core operations.

We can help manage stakeholder relationships while the CEO of the business in difficulty remains in control. We work closely with the company’s management and its stakeholders during crisis situations, by permanently reviewing the financial and operational structures of the business and rapidly implementing value-restoring strategies.

2. Analysis and Planning

During the turnaround process, we provide operational support, such as building a business recovery plan that is supported by actions, including finance, key performance indicators for short- to longer-term strategies to achieve recovery and growth, costs, markets, processes and organisation.

In order to draft the recovery plan we perform diagnoses, assess the strategic operations and identify and propose operational, financial, managerial, and marketing improvements.

We provide best value for corporations by disposing of or reinvesting in a non-core or under performing asset or a distressed business.

3. Repositioning

Once the recovery plan is set, we seek the support of the stakeholders for implementing the regeneration strategy, we implement efficient financial restructuring – refinancing, cost-cutting, etc. and we seek to recruit or keep the most talented people. Our priority is to make stakeholders be actively involved in the recovery solution. The main aim is to revitalize operations and to strengthen the business.

4. Strengthening

Last phase of the turnaround process is to strengthen the business by using renewed resources to implement the new strategy.

We support the troubled businesses’ directors every step of the way, assisting them in managing the needs of the stakeholders. If necessary, we may assign a turnaround or restructuring director to the company, to act as its chief executive, to provide executive support to management teams throughout the process, and take full responsibility for the company's operations. This is a key service that very few other market participants can offer.




  1. Extensive experience and strong qualifications
  2. In-depth knowledge and latest thinking and techniques
  3. Strategic capabilities
  4. Commitment to deliver the results in a short time-frame
  5. Objectivity and an external view of the situation
  6. Responsibility and accountability of delivered results






1.Carry through the implementation of the project
2. Be hands-on, “pulling up their sleeves” to deliver the results
3. Work alongside the team, providing coaching and mentoring to existing staff
4. Deliver solutions that have been personally tried on earlier projects
5. Use their previous experience and adapt their execution to the company
6. Be open to give their opinion, not restricted by any politics
7. Prove a more cost-effective solution

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